HappyxNature | Kate Hudson's New Clothing Line

The future of our planet depends on decisions we make right now. That's the main reason we created HappyXNature - we're striving to keep nature happy while creating amazing fashion.


Fashion & nature make us happy. Wasteful fashion does not.

Since launching Happy x Nature, we have been guided by a sincere desire to do more and do better. The impact of our choices on the environment has never been more important and has informed our desire to minimize our impact on the environment - and of course, make beautiful clothes. From the factories and mills with whom we partner, to exploring new washing and dyeing methods, to packaging and garment tags, we are looking at every option mindful of how it affects the environment.

75% of our Spring and Summer 2020 collections are derived from recycled, organic, and responsibly-sourced fabrics. We're pleased at our progress (our debut collections were at 16%) and we know there is still more to do.


Working to reduce plastic waste. We've developed a key partnership with Repreve®, one of the world's leading recycled fibers created from post-consumer plastic bottles. Using recycled plastic bottles not only reduces waste in landfills but also the amount of water and energy needed to create fabrics that look and feel amazing.

Creating incredible fashion from recycled polyester and recycled cotton. In fact, the linings of nearly all of our outerwear and sweaters are made from recycled polyester.

Working to increase cotton and viscose from responsible growers and producers committed to reducing their environmental impact. We're partnering with global leaders in the industry that create viscose derived from certified renewable wood sources using an eco-responsible production process.

Shipping to our customers in biodegradable packaging. Our shippers biodegrade in 12 to 18 months and we're reducing paper waste by minimizing the use of paper tags on our garments.

Exploring emerging technologies that improve processing, dying, and washing to reduce chemical waste.

CLEARLY COMMUNICATING TO YOU which products help to minimize our impact on the environment using the icons below:

recycled fibers Garments made with recycled fibers reduced landfill waste.
recycled plastic bottles Garments made from post-consumer plastics help to reduce air and water pollution.
responsibly sourced materials These materials are grown using techniques better for the earth & better for communities.
organic fibers Garments made from organic fibers keep nature happy for generations to come.
sewn closer to home Garments cut, sewn & laundered in Los Angeles facilities get to you faster using less energy.


Staying closer to home. We're bringing denim home to Los Angeles-based manufacturers to cut, sew, and launder our jeans using 100% recycled thread, organic cotton pocket linings and recycled polyester interlinings.

More organic. We're starting with one of our new denim styles made from 100% organic cotton and will increase the use of organic cotton.

Continued partnerships. We plan to continue partnering and supporting environmental non-profit organizations.

We'll continue our commitment to not use any leather or real fur.

Thank you for joining us on this journey.