Experience the comfortable and carefree style of boho skinny jeans from Kate Hudson and HappyxNature, the eco clothing line.

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Chic and Sexy – Kate Hudson Skinny Eco Jeans

Experience the chic and sexy fit of Kate Hudson skinny eco jeans. Find all the bohemian skinny jeans you want, in color and boho-chic styles designed for the modern woman. Explore our collection that includes:

- Rise Up! Browse ultra high-rise skinny jeans in comfortable stretch denim (and made from recycled bottles) – how cool is that? Get chic figure-flattering denim that's environmentally conscious too!

- Denim Trends. Discover all our traditional bootcut and trending skinny jeans, too. The Kate Hudson denim collection features all the contemporary classics you love and all the latest statement-making denim trends.

- Denim Duos. Pair our chic boho skinny jeans with a fitted tank or simple tee, roomy sweater or flowing blouse. Complete the look with classic flats or edgy boots. Add your own fashionable flair and top off your look with a fabulous boho style hat.

Let your inner light shine with clothes as comfortable as they are versatile. Explore the fresh, carefree feel of our natural fabrics and eco fashion. Make a difference for this generation and generations to come with Kate Hudson Clothing – keeping you and nature happy!